An open letter to you about wear protection!


What is DURACIN Wear Protector?

When terms such as oil additive or fuel additive are mentioned all sorts of things come to mind.

However the real question should be,

Why are oil additives necessary in the first place?

Many would argue that automotive oil additives, diesel oil additives, fuel additives and cleaners including many types of industrial oil additives are not necessary.

This would probably be true in a perfect world with every thing engineered and manufactured to perfection. But we live in a real world, not a perfect one. The very basic laws of physics tell us that all things wear down and wear out.

We also have laws of economics that dictate that systems and means of production need to operate at the least cost to provide the greatest profit. This often leads to specifications being engineered to the minimum standards to produce a desired result. Also to assure future profits there is a need for obsolescence and wear, planned or not. Then of course government regulations often lead to undesired problems in fuels and oils.

All of these reasons and more, leave it up to the end user to decide if they can and want to improve the longevity and performance of the mechanical system they are dealing with. 

Between “Wear” and “Profit"

One does not need to do anything more than stop and think about these principles and the reality of our imperfect world to realize that it's the nature of mechanical systems to wear out. This wear factor along with the motivation to keep cost low to yield maximum profit leaves a lot of room for improvement between “wear” and “profit”.

Living in a free market environment, it is up to the consumer to make the final choice if any product is truly beneficial. The consumer has to educate themselves by any means available to determine if any product or system’s performance can be improved to their benefit.

The Next Generation Now!


DURACIN Wear Protector is a “Next Generation” product that was engineered from the start to improve any mechanical system by reducing the effects of wear primarily from friction.

DURACIN WP was first introduced after several years of development and testing in early 2000. It is a continuation of a product line going back several decades. This product line, named "Velocity Power", includes products that are known and still used by some of the best performing professional racing teams and organizations. This ultimately led the way for DURACIN WP's development. 

A totally new concept in wear protection.

DURACIN Wear Protector is a totally new concept and not a re-mixed adaptation of old technology. DURACIN WP is truly a next generation product.

Velocity Power products and racing oils were not widely distributed to the public at first and remained the “Racers Edge” for many IRL, NHRA, IHRA and NASCAR professionals. Many of the oils are still formulated to individual team needs.

Trucking and transportation

However the developer of Velocity Power products also had close ties to the trucking industry and directed an oil analysis laboratory for a large refiner that also owned over 180 truckstops. (Please contact us if you have specialized needs or lubricant problems.) With the ever increasing cost of fuel and equipment it was decided to develop a truly new type of compound that would sharply reduce wear in Class 8 semi- trucks thus helping the trucker and trucking companies reduce operating costs in a real and economical way. 

Duracin Wear Protector

The result was “Duracin Wear Protector”.

The same principles and product engineering that gave the racer an edge now has become the "trucker’s edge" too.

Using the same “next generation” approach plus proven chemical engineering principles, additional products have been spun off to include diesel additives, gasoline additives, fuel system and injector cleaners which also have a lubricity factor incorporated into their formulations.

It didn’t take long for Velocity Power products to become established as part of many trucker's and trucking companies maintenance plans. And even though DURACIN was developed for the trucker, the racing and high performance community soon discovered this remarkable product also.

Today there is a full line of Velocity Power products formulated for automobiles, motorcycles, powersports and marine applications with additional products being tested and on the drawing board.

We sincerely appreciate you!

This web site is designed not only to market this outstanding and growing line of products but to give you, our valuable customer, all the information you will need to make a wise purchasing decision.

Velocity Power Products and Velocity Oil are small grass roots companies that wish to be known for our product’s quality and performance, not our size.

Please look at our site, ask questions and see for your self that, we can be your “edge” in our complicated, expensive and fast moving world.

See our contact information. We are reachable. Give us a call or email anytime.

Paul Baer,
Velocity Oil